Panch Risked Life to Save People From a Bear in Kashmir


Published: November 21, 2013

Updated: November 22, 2013


SRINAGAR: In an act of bravery, a panch risked his life to save people from a bear in the Kashmir valley, forcing the wild animal to flee.

Panch Abdul Rehman Reshi however, received serious injuries and has been admitted to S K Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS).

Official sources said that a bear entered village Sang Reshi Khimber from nearby forest.

However, before the bear could attack local people, panch Reshi pounced upon the wild animal and fought bravely for two hours.

During the fight Reshi was critically wounded by the bear.

A senior Congress leader Khawaja Farooq Ahmad Renzu, who visited the hospital to inquire about the health of panch said Reshi forced bear to flee after fighting with the animal.

He was informed by doctors that all efforts are being made to save the life of panch.

Mr Renzu said that wild life authorities should take necessary measures to protect people of Sangreshi from increasing infiltration of wild animals.


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