Better to sell pakodas than be unemployed, says Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: In his maiden speech in the Rajya Sabha, BJP president Amit Shah said it was better to sell ‘pakodas’ than to be unemployed. “I think it is better to be a labourer or sell ‘pakodas’ than to be unemployed. There is no shame in selling ‘pakodas’,” he said, standing a few feet away from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was also present in the House.

Shah attacked the Congress over unemployment, wondering that since the issue had persisted after “55 years of your rule, who’s fault is it?”

“This problem didn’t suddenly emerge,” he charged.

He further said that the previous UPA governments suffered from policy paralysis.

The BJP chief counted the Modi-led government’s Jan Dhan Yojana as one of its major successes. He said that before the BJP came to power, most families did not have “even one bank account.”

In his speech, Shah defended the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and assured that once the initial hiccups were over, it would benefit the country.

However, he took exception to the Congress referring to the GST as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’.

“Gabbar Singh was a Hindi film dacoit. How can you call a legal tax dacoity,” he questioned. He credited the Centre with handling the “crucial” Kashmir issue “very well.”


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