For Kashmiris, Indian judiciary is no different from its Executive and Legislative authority: JRL

Srinagar: The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday said that for the people of Kashmir the Indian judiciary is no different from its Executive and legislative authority while dealing with them.

In a statement,  the JRL said there is ‘no expectation, hope of justice for the daily killings of civilians, young or old men or women, children or lactating mothers, by its armed forces who enjoy the cover of legal impunity under laws such as the AFSPA and hence are free from accountability and prosecution.’

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The JRL said eight lakh forces stationed in Kashmir, are used as a vehicle of maintaining forcible control over the people and territory of Kashmir.

“As a consequence of the unbridled powers bestowed upon them by the laws of the state, more than one lakh Kashmiri civilians have been killed with bullets and pellets either during massacres such as in Hawal, Gaw Kadal, Sopore, Kupwara and Handwara, in enforced disappearances during civil protests and agitation or during cordon and search operations or in targeted killings,” they said in a statement.

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“None of the perpetrators have ever been punished although many times ‘inquiries’ are set up as an immediate remedy to bring the situation under control and assuage people’s anger,” they said.

They added that once in a while when the target killing of civilians by the forces is too obvious as in the case of Shopian, where three young boys were shot at in the head and brutally killed and the administration was forced to file an FIR.

“All hell is let loose, there is a hue and cry about how dare the forces are indicted,” they said in the statement.

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They added that the biased Indian media jumped to defend the ‘victims’, in this case the forces.

“In the din and cacophony that ensues, the basic question of the fundamental right to life of those Kashmiri civilians who were killed in cold blood and justice for their murder, is drowned,” the statement added.

“The judiciary immediately comes to the rescue of the perpetrators and even the attempt to some kind of investigation in the killing is stayed. In such a situation to expect any kind of justice for the young boys killed with impunity is futile,” they said.

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  1. Dr.Chandran Peechulli

    February 14, 2018 at 7:36 PM

    Indian Judiciary, certainly needs reforms as it is not working for the common people but for “The Political Party People in Power” View this:-PKC/BG /2018 Dt.16.01.2018 “ABUSE OF VAKALATNAMA ” *Please think lawgically/Logically.
    “The manipulated verdict, was a massive blow, not only to the aggrieved ex-serviceman dragged with injustice to his age of over 70 years but for the personnel who influenced to have my case withdrawn, without my personal knowledge and belief, while self sick in bed, while the ‘Vakalatnama’ is nothing but a power given to an advocate to plead the case and to represent the person before the court, for contesting the case. It is also called as “Vakilpatra” but in practice, this being mis-used, exploiting the situation and to condition permitting it. By this, common people are duped and cheated, suiting to circumstances/conditions permitting it. Which is quite unfair, hence being protested/condemned, in this modern era. Which is to please some section (political-play) or for Advocate’s, own selfish-gain, when advocacy known to be a noble profession, for seeking “justice” why? Administrative lapses, caused willfully / deliberately caused are considered as a serious crime. In view of this, common people s / litigants feedback, be encouraged, in Citizen’s Welfare and Interest, as a feedback on cases/courts, for early corrective/remedial action, similar to feedback of the product-service failures, to home consumer goods, in Consumer Courts, “which was to compensate the consumer and as well, to improve the product through “research and development”.

    What a shame to learn, from the certified copies availed, on payment, to the Chennai Regional Bench, that “the client has been back stabbed, through a “vakalatnama” signed by any client but for abuse of withdrawing the case. which, availed when self sick in bed, and convalescing after a massive heart attack and stent inserted, to the L.H.S. coronary of the heart. hence obviously differences prevail drastically between the officers and non – officers of the defence. Ref: M.A.148 of 2017 in O.A.No.7 of 2013, and M.A. 149 of 2017 in O.A. No.7 of 2013. “disgraceful –event “that an aggrieved Ex-Serviceman – litigant, can be harmed and caused further injury to give-up, through mental agony by ego and arrogance of the senior Defence officer, whom pleased by Lt.Comdr. (retired) advocate, Mr. Elangovan, when he was assigned to attend the hearing, when came up, on the eventful day, (11.08.2017), by a Vakalatnama, signed by self, while (self, sick in bed). high time people s / litigants feedback, be encouraged, as a feedback on cases/courts, similar to feedback of the product service failures, on the home consumer goods, to compensate the consumer and as well, improve the product through research and development. The culprit should be suspended and debarred from practice in A F T.

    Pragmatically, in reality, the said ex-serviceman P.K.Chandran, has been cruelly dragged to his old age of 70 years, harming physically in the drag, and deprive of his basic legitimate rights of Army Disability Pension, which is a curse to the nation, as the Defence Personnel ( whether in service or out of service) are the most patriotic citizen’s of the nation. Continuing to harm and cause further injury through mental agony by “ Ego and Arrogance “ of the senior Defence officer, known to have pleased by Lt.Comdr.I.N. (Retired) Advocate, Mr. Elangovan, when he was assigned to attend the hearing, argue or pass-over the case, informing of my major sickness, when cause list came up for hearing, for the eventful day, (11.08.2017), while self engaged responsibly a practicing advocate by a Vakalatnama signed, by self (while self sick in bed). * Humanity is in great danger and to save humanity, it’s important for powers that believe in humanitarian values to unite: if so, why is the National Administration/Governance Unmoved? If at all Independent judiciary is must for democracy, why not proved in day to day working performance efficiency, with commitment, accountability and responsibility. ?

    Peoples Government, shall ensure every citizen lives to peace and harmony with self-dignity. You would agree that “All Rules have to be bend towards the people‘s peace and progress” for law abiding citizen. Why forced patriotism, asking “National Anthem” to be played by the undisciplined crowd, in theatres, public houses, public markets etc. instead enforce in uniformed services and in schools for growing school children, and elsewhere, where they volunteer, as in the armed uniformed services of India with patriotic fervor. When it comes to obstruction of justice, the boundaries between legal, questionable and illegal are often less clear….

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