Canada Supports a United India, says Trudeau, to meet Amarinder Singh in Amritsar

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is on a trip to India, whose government’s support to Khalistan groups has made New Delhi apprehensive, has reaffirmed his government’s position on a ‘United India’.

“Canada’s strength is that we have recognised that diversity is strength. Wide range of opinions and views are an important part of the success of Canada. We of course reject violence and hate speech. But at the same time let me assure that my position, Canada’s position, has not changed. We support one, united India,” Trudeau said at an event in Mumbai.

Trudeau’s statement on the third day of his seven-day India visit came in the backdrop of concerns in India over his government’s support to pro-Khalistan elements among the Sikh diaspora in Canada.

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He reiterated that the position of his government in this regard “has not changed”, and said that supporting a united India is core to the kind of nation Canada is.

In a video, released by the The Canadian Press, Trudeau was seen stating that his country “rejected violence and hateful speech.” He also stated that his country has been “diligent” in cracking down on extremism.

Amarinder Singh had gone public to label Sajjan and other ministers of Indian origin in the Trudeau government as “Khalistani sympathizers”.

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But Amarinder ended the suspense on Monday by saying he will meet the Canadian Prime Minister in Amritsar.


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