Pulwama attack: Pak PM deserves a chance as he recently took over but needs to walk the talk, says Mehbooba

Srinagar: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday said that Pakistan was given a dossier after the Pathankot attack however no action was taken. She however, added that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan deserves a chance as he has recently taken over the country.

In a tweet, she said:

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had earlier said that if India has any ‘actionable evidence’ regarding the involvement of his country in the Pulwama attack, he will take action.

In a video message, Khan said, “I would like to make the Indian government an offer,” he said, asking Delhi to share actionable evidence with Islamabad and vowing that Pakistan would investigate it.

“If you have actionable evidence, share it with us. We will take action,” he assured Delhi. “Not because we are under pressure, but because it is our policy.”

He however added, If India proclaims war on Pakistan, ‘we will not think of retaliating, we will retaliate.’

“We’re hearing voices of the media, the people, the politicians from India saying that ‘Pakistan should be taught a lesson…we should exact revenge from Pakistan…we should retaliate with a surgical strike’. First of all, which type of country or law allows any other country or person to be the judge, jury or executioner of such situations? In which realm of justice does this fall into?” he asked, via a televised video.

“Second of all, this is the year when India will undergo elections. We understand that during elections, this will be a big boost for you if Pakistan is taught a lesson. However, if you think you can proclaim war on Pakistan, Pakistan will not think of retaliating, it will retaliate,” he asserted.

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